Special Instructions for Love Birds, Parrolets and other very small birds

Mario is just hanging around showing off in his Aviator Harness. Today his choose to wear black.

The Aviator was not initially designed for Parrolets, Love Birds, Budgies and other small birds but many owners are using it by placing the belt behind the legs and around the tail instead of the waist.

Not all small birds are too small to wear The Aviator the way the big birds do. It all depends upon how long the birds’ chest is. If a birds chest is too small the belt will need to be placed below the legs and around the tail.

Mason is a young aviculturist in Columbus Ohio that is exploring all aspects of improving the life possibilities for his birds.

This method seems to work well and we have not received notice of any problems.

You will find additional pictures of small birds wearing The Aviator throughout our web site.

Check out YouTube.com (Aviator Harness) to find other innovative Aviator Harness training ideas from other Aviators.

Mario is a Grecian Love Bird that is always on vacation. Here he is sporting a Petite Red Aviator Harness. Because he has a small chest his belt is placed under his legs, but this doesn’t stop him for exploring the sights.