The Science of Handfeeding and Weaning the Baby Parrot


The Basics of Handfeeding and Weaning

  1. The Basics of Handfeeding and Weaning
  2. Why Would I Want to Finish Weaning My Pet?
  3. Handfeeding Supplies
    1. Environment
    2. Brooder
    3. Scale
    4. Feeding Utensils
    5. Thermometers
    6. Formula
    7. Cleaning Supplies
    8. Miscellaneous Supplies

Handfeeding the Baby

  1. Preparing the Handfeeding Formula
  2. How to Get Formula into the Baby - Handfeeding Techniques
  3. Handfeeding Schedule - First Day In a New Home
  4. Handfeeding Schedule - After the First Day In a New Home
The 6 Factors
  1. Age and Weight Guidelines for Formula Amounts
  2. Some Babies are Especially Needy
  3. Activity Level and Stage of Weaning - How Hungry Can They Get
  4. 5 Week Old Babies Stat Eating Adult Food
  5. Poopology: The BIRD POOP Index
  6. Other Babies and Adult Role Models Move Things Along Faster
  1. Baby Parrots Throw Up Too
  2. Cleaning Up After Feeding
  3. Syringe Maintenance
  4. Record Keeping


The Why and How of the Weaning Process

  1. Just What Is a Weaned Parrot?
  2. Introducing Adult Food to the Baby
  3. Drinking: Don't Forget the Water
  4. Weaning Dynamics - Schedule
  5. General Concept of a Weaning Schedule
  6. Miscellaneous Weaning Tips


From the Brooder to the Cage

  1. Nest Box or Brooder to Open Container
  2. From the Container to the Cage


Common Worries about Handfeeding

  1. Crop Burns
  2. Aspiration
  3. Aspiration pneumonia
  4. Humidity
  5. The Baby Will Not Eat
  6. Viral Infections
  7. Bacterial Infections/ Fungal Infections
  8. Perforating the Inside of the Baby's Mouth
  9. Knowing When to Feed

  1. How To Tell If The Crop Is Empty
  2. Stretched Crop
  3. Malnourishment From Underfeeding Or Not Using The Correct Formula
  4. Crooked Beaks From Incorrect Feeding Techniques
  5. Weaning Problems
  6. Syringe Dependency
  7. Weaning Regression
  8. Creating The One-Person Bird
  9. Handfeeding A Baby Parrot Will Make Him Bond To The Feeder For Life


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