Veterinary Management

Dr. Oglesbee at Hartman Aviary with White Belly Caique Veterinary care at Hartman Aviary and The Parrot University is provided by Dr. Barbara Oglesbee, D.V.M., Diplomate ABVP-Avian Practice (Certified Avian Vet).

As the Hartman Aviary staff veterinarian for 20 years, Dr. Oglesbee has been involved with a substantial collection of parrots. Hartman Aviary has housed over 800 adult parrots and produced over 4,000 baby parrots.

Dr. Oglesbee toweling a White Belly Caique
Most avian veterinarians spend all their time in a clinic and have very limited field experience. As staff veterinarian at Hartman Aviary, Dr. Oglesbee has developed skills in many areas not available to most avian veterinarians. Her unique experience includes, incubation, nursery management, population dynamics, breeding husbandry and flock management.

During this time, Dr. Oglesbee also served as Professor of Avian and Exotic Animal Medicine at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. As Professor of Avian Medicine, Dr. Oglesbee developed an exclusive course at Hartman Aviary that provided over 100 veterinary students with significant outpatient clinical experience.

Dr. Oglesbee checking Moluccan Cockatoo Dr. Oglesbee and Hartman Aviary parrots







Dr. Oglesbee -  Certified Avian Veterinarian  

Med Vet Medical & Cancer Center for Pets
5230 Renner Road, Columbus, Ohio 43228
Phone: (614) 870-0480

Dr. Oglesbee's PRIVATE PRACTICE is an exclusive avian and exotic pet practice providing state of the art medical and surgical care for pet birds of all sizes.


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