The Aviator Harness and Leash

I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for making such a great product. I stand behind the Aviator 100% and recommend it to every parrot-person I meet.

  I bought an Aviator about 3 months ago for my 3 year old Quaker Parrot, Sparx.  (I bought the wrong size, at first, and you helped me get the right size for her). The quality of the harness/DVD is amazing, and the time/effort that you put in to keep your customers happy & informed on the proper way to use the harness is amazing!

She has never been fond of harnesses, but I was DETERMINED to get her in this harness, because it's such a great product!  Well, last weekend, I finally got her in the harness after working with her for the past few months, and it's great!  I love it and she loves being able to fly outdoors and get fresh air & sunshine. 

I am extremely satisfied and glad that someone has finally invented a way to let flighted parrots enjoy the outdoors without being behind bars!

Thanks SO much,
Angie Johnson and Sparx