The Aviator Harness and Leash

OK, I'll admit to taking my birds outside without restraining devices... and I'll admit to not clipping my GW's wings because she was in such a weakened state when I got her. Well she has grown strong in her 2 yrs with me... so strong that she flew off my lap around our outdoor cage, over the neighbors yard and started circling back toward me. She couldn't quite make it back to me and crash landed in a bush. After I started to breathe again I told her it was wing clip or harness. Harness won.

I ordered one from Hartman. I got it on her first try. Great, next I wondered if she'd let me take it off. Yep, no problem. It's wonderful and I think I'll get some for my B&Gs. After trying the one with all the buckles and the lycra poop suit with no luck, I was so happy with how easy this one is to use!!! And, yes, I've learned my lesson.


Mary H, Paco, Abu and Iago