Quakers In Ohio

quaker parrots preening Quaker parakeets residing in Ohio do not need to have their wings clipped.

Ohio Law 901:5-42-01 involves quaker parakeets in Ohio. I have included the first portion of this law which covers three animals the State of Ohio is concerned may become agricultural pests.

901:5-42-01 Designation of destructive or dangerously harmful plant pests.

(A) For the purposes of Chapter 927. of the Revised Code and as provided for in division (A) of section 927.70 of the Revised Code, the director of agriculture hereby designates as destructive or dangerously harmful plant pests the following:

     (1) Raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides);

     (2) Monk parakeet (Miopsitta monachus);

     (3) Blacktail prairie dog (Cynomys ludovicianus).

(B) No person shall knowingly permit any plant pest designated as destructive or dangerously harmful in paragraph (A) of this rule to exist in or on his premises or infest any article or commodity in his possession with the following exceptions:

     (1) Monk parakeets which have had their wings clipped and maintained in such condition or are otherwise incapable of free flight; and,

     (2) Blacktail prairie dogs which have been sterilized or are incapable of producing offspring; or,

Etcetera. The rest of the law deals with notification and penalties.

Notice the underlined section, or are otherwise incapable of free flight.

For the purpose of this law, the term “Free flight” describes a quaker parakeet that is freely flying without restriction in the Ohio environment becoming a potential agricultural pest.

This means that any method that will keep a quaker parakeet from escaping and becoming a free flying pest can be utilized to control a pet quaker parakeet. Wing clipping is only one of several options.