Purchase Policies

Waiting List

There is no charge for putting your name on the waiting list for a particular species. When we have fertile eggs, we will call to make sure you want the baby if it hatches. If you say yes, we expect you to buy the baby.


Once we have a live baby a 25% deposit will be required. Individuals on the waiting list for a fertile egg are encouraged to send a check for deposit prior to hatching. This check will not be deposited until the baby is three days old and will be destroyed or returned if we cannot supply the baby. By having the deposit on hand you can avoid the hassle of getting the deposit to us within five days. After five days the baby will go to the next person on the list.


Deposits on live babies may not be refunded. Once we commit the baby to you, we may pass up other potential buyers. If the baby has another buyer by the time he was scheduled to go to your home, the deposit will be refunded. Under some circumstances, a deposit may be applied to a different baby.

Late Pick-up of Babies

A charge of not less than $3.00 per day will be assessed for boarding babies not picked up during a reasonable time window.

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