National Parrot Organizations

amazona society logo Amazona Society UK
The Amazona Society UK was formed in the early 1990s to provide a pool of knowledge about Amazon Parrots. This information has enabled many owners to produce healthy generations of Amazon parrots in captivity, unsurpassed in the history of bird keeping.

ama logo
American Federation of Aviculture

The AFA is the largest organization in the US and probably the world. They are attentive to all aspect of aviculture including but not limited to: Conservation, breeding, legislation, and education.

bird clubs of virginia logo

Bird Clubs of Virginia
BCA is a non-profit federation of Virginia bird clubs.


canadian symposium logoCanadian Parrot Symposium--Toronto
The Canadian Parrot Symposium (CPS) is an international convention for those interested in keeping or breeding parrots. Experienced or novice, pet owner, breeder, or just fascinated by parrots, there is something for you. Held in Toronto, Canada, in November each year.

canadian symposium logoCanadian Parrot Symposium - West
CPS has a mission to increase knowledge of and interest in all aspects of the breeding, rearing, behavior, nutrition, intelligence, health and conservation of companion and wild parrots.

international aviculturists societyInternational Aviculturist Society
IAS is a Group of Aviculturists from around the world striving to Protect, Preserve,& Enhance the keeping & breeding of all Exotic birds through Educational Programs, Cooperative Breeding Programs, and the Funding of Avian Research and Avian conservation programs.

international parrotlet societyInternational Parrotlet Society
Their purpose is to promote interest in parrotlets and to present to its members information to increase the understanding of the various genera, species and subspecies of parrotlets.

blue and gold macaw and a scarlet macawMontana's Parrot & Exotic Bird Sanctuary Non-Profit
We strive to create a safe haven for parrots and exotic birds that come from unwanted, abused, neglected, and abandoned situations nationally. We secure quality homes by promoting responsible pet ownership through education and home monitoring.

parrot preservation societyParrot Preservation Society
Information network.

World Parrot Trust
world parrot trust logoWPT is an International program to raise awareness of parrots in the wild and captivity. WPT supports many conservation projects around the world.

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