Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have a problem with your order for any reason, give us a call. Returns are accepted up to 30 days after purchase for all products except The Aviator Harness. For the safety of your birds, we do not accept harness returns. Other items may be returned as long as they are unopened and the packages are in resalable condition. Thank you for understanding.


All of our babies are hatched here at Hartman Aviary. We do not buy babies from other breeders. We have control over the babies all of their life and are able to continually assess their health. Our babies are guaranteed to be free of congenital and pathogenic diseases when they leave the nursery.

We have sold thousands of babies without significant problems. In over 20 years we have not yet had a case of viral infection reported in one of our babies. For this reason, we do not utilize any of the available vaccines. Vaccines are available from your veterinarian for any babies that will be living in high-risk exposure situations.

Many types of normally occurring bacteria and fungus are found throughout our nursery and your home. These bacteria and fungus are ingested and inhaled by baby birds, and us, continually. Sometimes this normal bacteria and fungus will show up on tests your veterinarian may perform. Often, the numbers of these potential pathogens will increase slightly during stress related events like moving to a new home. Low levels, without symptoms of illness, are not to be considered a disease.

The most likely time frame for a baby parrot to become ill is 2 to 5 days after it arrives at its new home. Healthy babies exposed to new and different bacteria and fungus may become ill for the same reason humans may become ill when traveling. After approximately one week a healthy baby's immune system will have developed the ability to deal with these new bacteria and fungus.

There is no specific time limit to this guarantee. We understand situations can arise where time will pass between symptoms and a definitive diagnosis can be made. Any baby that is shown to have become ill from congenital defects or an illness, present while the baby is in our nursery, will be replaced at our expense.

Hartman Aviary's veterinarian will decide all disputed claims after examining the bird. When it is not possible to examine the bird, our veterinarian will utilize veterinary diagnosis and supporting lab work to make a decision.
Veterinary Management at Hartman Aviary.

Deposits for Babies

Once we have a live baby a 25% deposit will be required. Individuals on the waiting list for a fertile egg are encouraged to send a check for deposit prior to hatching. This check will not be deposited until the baby is three days old and will be destroyed or returned if we cannot supply the baby. By having the deposit on hand you can avoid the hassle of getting thedeposit to us within five days. After five days the baby will go to the next person on the list.

Refunds for Babies

Deposits on live babies may not be refunded. Once we commit the baby to you, we may pass up other potential buyers. If the baby has another buyer by the time he was scheduled to go to your home, the deposit will be refunded. Under some circumstances, a deposit may be applied to a different baby.

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