Education Programs

Ohio State University College of Veterinary MedicineSteve has been writing and lecturing to students, aviculturists and pet owners around the world since 1984. These groups include parrot related magazines, OSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Big Walnut School District, bird clubs and all of the major avicultural conventions and symposiums. Topics have included: nutrition, selective breeding, sexual development, hormonal development and behavior, lighting, ventilation, disease control, aviary design, aviary management, flocking, conservation, pet behavior and sequential development of the avian brain.

Steve Hartman and Hartman Aviary have been featured on many television news shows, interviews, and agricultural oriented programs. Almost yearly, the aviary is a featured story in major newspapers. During 2001, Steve Hartman had a 15-minute monthly segment on a local Columbus, Ohio “News at Noon” television show.

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