No Buckles or Clips a Bird Can Open                            
"Special Instructions for Very Small Birds-Love Birds, Parrolets, Parakeets, ..."                            
40 Minute Instructional DVD                            
Hundreds of Thousands have been used                            
One Piece Design - No Assembly                            
Easy to Install - Only One Slide                            
"Metal Belt Slide Power Coated Black - No Shinny part to Distract Birds -"                            
High Quality Elastic Leash for Gental Stopping                            
Small Harnesses Weigh only 10.5 Grams                            
Larger Harnesses Weigh only 25 Grams                            
Only One piece of Metal - Belt Slide                            
Fewest Pressure Contact Points on Birds' Body                            
Engineered Collar Does Not Slide Onto Wings                            
Safe to Wear While Flying                            
Safe to Wear While Eating and With Full Crop                            
"Self-Adjusting Leash Changes Orientation as Bird Moves Around Owner"                            
"Knitted Nylon Strap Specially Designed for Maximum Flexibility"                            
"Ultrasonic Cutting of Material to Eliminate Sharp Edges"                            
"Ultrasonic Welding of Material to Eliminate Stitching"                            
"All Edges Carefully Groomed to Avoid Sharp Edges that Cut Birds' Thin Skin"                            
No Stitching for Birds to Pick at                            
"Belt Engineered so it Cannot Accidently Tighten and Squeeze Your Companion"                            
Will not Break Bones if Bird Flys to End of Leash                            
No Metal Parts Next to Skin                            
Aviator Flight Line Extension Accessory Available                            
"AVIATOR FLIGHT LINE Accessory Available for Free Flight Training"